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About Barber Boats Westcoast/ Tots Marine.

For quality workmanship and attention to detail.


If you’re in need of reliable Boat builders, contact the team at Barber Boats Westcoast/ Tots Marine. We are available to provide skilled, affordable services that suit your specific needs and schedule. With over 30 years’ experience in the boatbuilding industry, we can provide a multitude of services. including Wooden boat repairs and painting for Caravans and motorhomes.

Greg at Barber Boats has been in the industry for 30+ years and been involved with the building of many GOP boats at Careys Boatyard in Picton. BARBER BOATS can assist you with designing your perfect boat, providing practical solutions and advice as to what will and won’t work in a boat. The BARBER BOATS brand will allow custom-made, quality-built boats designed around each customer’s wants and needs.

When you want quality painting & repair work done right the first time and at a great price, we’re the ones to call. We cover clients throughout New Zealand, so no matter where you are let us know how we can help.



 We wanted a name that is unique to Greymouth.

The name “BARBER” comes from "the Barber", an enhanced katabatic wind that blows over the town of Greymouth in New Zealand.

The Barber has some features that make it almost unique.

It occurs when there is a southeasterly wind-flow over the South Island.

The wind coming down from the mountains picks up fog that has formed over wetlands and farmland in the Grey Valley and channels it toward the coast.

It then meets a significant barrier in the form of the Twelve Apostles Range (Rapahoe Range) and Peter Ridge between which the Grey River punched its way in the distant past.

The wind pushing the fog blows through the gap and spills out over parts of the town near the river.

It also pushes it over the top of the ridges where it appears like a tsunami of fog.​

We think it’s a fitting name, as our boats will be built right here on the Westcoast, in Greymouth.​

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